Choosing Excellent Insurance Coverage

5 Types Of Insurance Coverage You Need For Your Sports Camp

If you are running a sports camp, you need to make sure you have proper insurance protection. Don't start your camp without first purchasing the insurance coverage you need. When it comes to purchasing insurance, there are five different types of coverage you are going to want to have for your camp.

Coverage #1: Equipment Coverage

First, you need to make sure your equipment is covered. Equipment insurance will cover all your equipment, such as uniforms, scoreboards, fences, playing equipment, bleachers, etc. that you purchase and use for your camp needs. The equipment will be covered if it is vandalized, stolen, or damaged in a natural event.

Coverage #2: Crime Insurance

Even though you screen your employees and try to hire only the best, that is not always what happens. The last thing a small sports camp needs to deal with is someone stealing from them. With crime insurance, you will be covered if someone embezzles or steals money from your organization. This type of coverage is usually inexpensive but can really cover you if someone turns out not to be who you thought they were.

Covered #3: Directors & Officers Liability

This type of insurance protects you from employment claims. If, for example, someone claims that they were discriminated against or that your organization didn't provide the right accommodations for people with disabilities. This type of insurance will provide you with an attorney to fight those claims. If the claim is found to be valid, this type of coverage will pay the settlement, up to a certain amount. You need this protection to ensure that a lawsuit doesn't fold your camp.

Coverage #4: General Liability

Next, you need to carry general liability coverage. This will protect you if either a participant or spectator at the camp is injured in any way. The policy will take care of their medical bills and will help address any lawsuits that are brought in court. If your property is damaged because of any incident, general liability coverage will also protect your property as well.

Coverage #5: Accident Insurance

Finally, accident insurance will help make sure that if a camper is hurt, their medical bills are paid. It is a little different than general liability insurance. It is all about medical bills, whereas general liability will provide you with an attorney if you are sued duet someone getting hurt at your camp.

Before you start running a sports camp, talk to an insurance agent and make sure you have all the right sports camp insurance coverage in place to protect yourself.