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Worker's Compensation Insurance Costs: Ways To Control The Expense

When you run a business, it's important for you to manage your expenses as best as possible. There are some costs that you can control and then there are some that are just beyond your means to do anything about. You may think that your worker's compensation insurance premium is one of those things that you can't do anything about. The truth is that worker's compensation insurance premiums aren't impossible to affect. Here are some tips to help you reduce your company's worker's compensation insurance premiums.

Lower Your Payroll

One of the leading factors in determining your worker's compensation insurance premiums is the total of your payroll cost. When you reduce your payroll costs, you'll also reduce your worker's compensation insurance premiums. That's because worker's compensation is paid dependent upon the recipient's pay. If possible, reduce your payroll costs if you need to reduce the cost of your worker's compensation insurance.

Minimize Your Claims

Another factor that directly affects your worker's compensation insurance premiums is the history of your company's worker's compensation claims. You can help to reduce your premium costs long-term by minimizing the claims that your company pays out. The safer you keep your employees, and the fewer worker's compensation injuries that occur, the lower your worker's compensation premiums will be. Your worker's compensation insurance agent can help you to establish the key safety protocols that will help you minimize your claims.

Create A Return-To-Work Program

The sooner an injured staff member has the ability to return to work, the less money your worker's compensation policy will have to pay. This often means being able to adapt an employee's position for injuries or limitations, or it may mean offering them a completely different role until their recovery is complete. If you can create a program that allows injured employees to return to work as soon as possible, this will help to reduce your worker's compensation premiums.

The more proactive you are about managing your worker's compensation premiums, the easier it will be for you to save your company money on this essential expense. Don't fall into the mistaken belief that you don't have any control over your worker's compensation costs, though. You should take the time to talk with your worker's compensation insurance agent today for more help and information about ways that you can minimize your premiums and help control your costs. They can give you more guidance.